What is it?

Many of you are probably asking "What is the State of Wail?" That’s a good question. "State of Wail" is a term that was coined with a good friend of mine a number of years ago while having some fun. It is a mental state achieved by musicians at the very peak of performance. You’ve undoubtedly seen it happen many times.

This state of (un)consciousness can manifest in many ways. Eyes rolled back into the head, strange faces, tongue hanging out, inhuman body language, and uncontrolled gyrations are all signs that a player has achieved "The State." In fact, similar phenomena occur in many other endeavors, such as sports, where the term "in the zone" is often applied. No matter what you call it, the State of Wail brings an inner joy and satisfaction that is difficult to match.

State of Wail Entertainment is a vehicle through which I hope to deliver exceptional examples of songwriting and performances to fans and enthusiasts around the World.

If you’re a songwriter or musician who is driven by the hunt for the elusive "State" please drop me a line.

Sadly, Mark McDermott passed away on November 6, 2015. Mark was not just my best friend, he was a friend to all musicians. I'm certain he is now embraced by the highest form of The State of Wail.

Mark's wife has opted to leave the State Of Wail website up in his honor. It is with her permission and my honor to maintain the website. I may make minor changes, but rest assured, his music and pictures will remain.

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