Photo Gallery

Recent Probable Cause gig at Bleacher's in Cedar Mill, Oregon. Mark along with Greg Dawson on guitar, Phil Susan on bass, and Dana Watson on drums.

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Mark appearing with Gray Ghost at the White Eagle Rock 'n' Roll Hotel in Portland, OR.

Greg Dawson (of Probable Cause) on bass, Brent Burrowes (Social Chemist/Bard) on harp/vocals/guitar, and Jeff "Mongo" Knapp (of Johnny Limbo & the Lug Nuts).

It was a fun night to jam on some favorites. Thanks to all who attended & the excellent White Eagle staff.

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Probable Cause.

Mark's current band. Excellent caricature drawing by my friend Coy Alexander.

Check out Coy's Web site:

Yup. Mark, with new 1973 Fender Strat. Dig those bellbottoms!
The early rig. Gretsch bass amp, Lafayette reverb, Strat and groovy coiled cord.
High school garage band.

Singing with my buddy John in his basement.

Check out the home-made brass bridge. I made it on a milling machine in metal shop.

Time rolls on... The "perm'd" me with 1964 Gibson SG (thanks Franky), Strat, Sound City head and Peavey cab.

I replaced the stock humbuckers in the SG with DiMarzio Dual-Sounds. Later, I had the Bigsby replaced due to tuning problems.

My first "real" band was Riff-Raff. Nice hair, eh? Brian O'Hare on bass/vocals, Kenny Moutenot on drums/vocals, Mark on guitar/vocals and Mike Brocato on guitar/vocals.

All original material. Artwork by Mike.

Listen to Riff Raff MP3s.

Me with Taboo. New hair again!

That's me on the left, the late Dave Hill (drums), Jacquie York (vocals), and Mike Rosenberg (bass).

Photo taken in Lincoln Center, NYC by my friend Nick Liloia.

Taboo live.

Check out my pedalboard. Vintage Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man, Micro Synth and Deluxe Electric Mistress Flanger, DOD Compressor and Overdrive, Crybaby Wah, and Morley Volume Pedal.

What a nightmare!

A shot of the whole band. Must have been the year for boots.

Note the brass pickguard and DiMarzio pickups on the Strat. Brass pickguards - what a bad idea!